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When Bob was 12 years old, he dreamt of being a sportscaster.  And now, that’s exactly what he is doing.  As an adult, Bob dreamt of being a professional speaker.  And now, he’s doing that too.

One of Bob’s greatest passions is to work with youth and because of that passion he has created the Fast Forward Winner™ Program.  While this program has also been adapted for corporate and association audiences, it began as a program for youth.

Fast Forward Winner™ has been created to show young audiences how to take a look inside and identify their personal dream. So often, youth do not go after their dreams because they simply don’t know how.

In this program, they will be provided with the tools to help them not only identify their dream, but how to take that dream forward into the future. They will be able to project ahead to the end result and then come back to work with the program materials to complete the practical steps necessary to make their dreams a winning reality.

Fast Forward Winner™ is suitable for Junior High, High School and College students. Bob will also customize the program for teachers, administrators, parents and mentors.  Attendees will learn about:

SEED DREAM – Making the commitment to honor your higher self

  1. Honor that still, small voice within
  2. Start to tell your story, first to yourself
  3. Honest self-evaluation
  4. Belief in yourself

DREAM ACTION – Using your imagination to serve you

  1. “I’ve dreamt of being on stage my entire life”
  2. Start to find a way
  3. Avoid judgment
  4. Full Speed Ahead

DIGGING FOR PAYDIRT – The Art of Preparation

  1. How to get started
  2. Have a system of recording information
  3. You must learn how to talk to people
  4. Hard work on yourself

EXPERT CONFIDENCE – The Feeling of Knowing What You Are Doing, Thinking, Feeling

  1. “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”
  2. Discipline of Practice
  3. Research and Development
  4. Do Try This at Home

20-SECOND TIME OUT – Trust but Verify

  1. Learn to trust your intuition
  2. Inward, then outward
  3. Things won’t change until you do
  4. Discipline of attitude

CURVED BAT – Creativity in the Marketplace

  1. One. Big. Thing.
  2. It happens to everyone
  3. The ultimate questions
  4. In need of inspiration




Bob is pleased to be in a strategic alliance with LifeSigns, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Tennessee. LifeSigns chose the Fast Forward Winner™ program when they expanded their services to include curriculum for youth.  For more information about their mission please visit

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